Airport Master Plan Updates

The City of Douglas is updating Airport Master Plan for Douglas Municipal Airport to guide the long-term development of the Airport and its surrounding property. Douglas Municipal Airport (DGL), located two miles east of the City, is a public-use general aviation airport owned and operated by the City of Douglas.


The last full Master Plan for the Airport was completed in 1994. Since that time, there has been significant change in the general aviation industry and within the economy. The Master Plan examines the Airport’s needs based on current and anticipated demand for aviation. In conjunction with the Master Plan, a Business Plan will also be developed for the Airport.


The Master Plan with Business Plan is being funded primarily by the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics Group, with the City of Douglas managing the project as the Airport’s owner and sponsor. The City of Douglas and ADOT are interested in receiving feedback from the public on the Master Plan. Public input is an important component of ensuring the Master Plan considers regional and local needs and concerns. Your input is encouraged as part of the study.


The purpose of this website is to provide a central location for information on the study process, schedule, and meetings, and to provide an opportunity to submit comments or contact a study representative.


What is a Master Plan?  click here for more  information.



The Douglas Municipal Airport Master Plan Update will be completed on a 12-month schedule. The project began in June 2016 and is anticipated to be completed by June 2017. The graphic depicts the proposed project schedule. Click here to see the graphic.


Public Workshop

Three public workshops will be held throughout the development of the project to provide citizens with an opportunity to provide input. The proposed timing of the workshops are as follows:

·         September 2016

·         April 2017

As the meetings are scheduled and concluded, materials from each meeting will be posted to this website for review and comment.

Master Plan Draft Chapters

Inventory Chapter.

   Attachments: (Inventory -01/26/17) 

Forecast Chapter

    Attachments: (Forecast- 01/25/17)

Facility Requirements Chapter

    Attachments: (Facility Requirements 01/25/17)


Meetings Materials

Meeting #1 (PAC - Presentation, Notes, Membership, SWOT) (date: 6/17/2016)

Meeting #2 (PAC) (date: 10/4/2016)

Public WorkShop October 2016 (date: 10/4/2016) 

Meeting #3 (PAC - Notes, Presentation, Attendees) (date: 1/23/2017)

Meeting  #4 (PAC) (date: 04/26/17)

Public WorkShop April 2017 (date: 04/27/2017)

Comments and Contacts


Your feedback and comments on the Master Plan are greatly appreciated. Please use the form below to provide any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the development of Douglas Municipal Airport and the Master Plan with Business Plan. You may also contact the City or the Consultant Team at:


Lynn Kartchner                                    Pam Keidel-Adams                                             Colin Wheeler

City of Douglas                                    Kimley-Horn and Associates                            Kimley-Horn and Associates 

(520)417-7330                                     (602)678-3422                                                     (602)678-3417