Family Self-Sufficiency Program


Do you know that as a Section 8 or HCV participant you have the
Benefit to be part of our FSS Program?


Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a life-change opportunity, If  you have goals that you want to achieve, and just need a little help?


We can offer you: 

•  Employment Assistance:  Networking opportunities.

•  Life Skills: Improve your resume, learn budgeting and more .

•  Carrier planning: Get your GED or a College  Certification.

•  Money: FSS graduate  have earned ESCROW (savings account).

•  Home ownership: Take the steps to own your own home.

•  Others: Transportation, child care, medical assistance, etc. can Offer you.


For more information, contact:

Alejandra Gonzalez

Family Self-Sufficiency Specialist



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